…so lets go back in time for just a bit…Chloe’s childhood was ‘normal’ to most standards. She was raised in a loving family, surrounded mostly by strong women while the men went off to work in the fields..actually that wasn’t the case just wanted to always write that…her mom, her sisters, her aunties, her grandmothers. Strong women that made a difference in society. From her grandparents bakery, managed by her Ouma, to her mother’s thriving dress making shop, to her aunties – three of them elementary school principals, to her oldest sister, a designer of haute couture wedding gowns and funk 21st century clothing in Paris and author of four design text books, to her other sisters multi-talented career as a chef and confectioner in the heart of London, to her oldest brothers successful Plumbing business to her younger brothers vice-president position in a prominent financial institution and to her father, a carpenter by trade but worked mainly in construction and of  whom she wanted so much to be loved by but was mostly angry with. She never understood why then but as an adult feels it probably was because of the lack of attention she got from him and craved so much for as he mostly worked away on some sort of work assignment constructing some elaborate building far away from home.

With all this talent and skill dwelling within her immediate family, you’d think that’d be close..and maybe at one stage they were but she didn’t remember it because she was to little. What she does know is that her family was further apart than the two oceans.

As her thoughts moved from present to her childhood, her fondest memories were helping out in her moms dress shop. Working there on weekends as a young child, stopping in after school and watching her mother with total admiration on how she conducted herself with potential clients.The madness that surrounded a thriving business fascinated her and she often wondered if she would follow in the foot steps of her mother.

Chloe always felt different from the rest of her family. She looked different from her sisters. She was tall and slender and athletic. Was the track and field ‘star’ through out her school life. A well liked nerd. A dreamer a lover of books and movies. Loved backing the under dog and enjoyed working in the community serving the less fortunate. The other women in her family in her mind had an agenda, worked toward it and achieved it. With Chloe, she got to where she was going but almost found herself taking detours on her journey to success.

She was so darn proud of her families achievements and was happy for all that they accomplished…each and everyone of them raised the bar high. Chloe hated to disappoint but didn’t know if she had it within her to do what it took to be that successful. All she knew is how to be herself and even if it didn’t look like a mirror image of what her family deemed a success, she was who she was and been authentic to herself was more important than trying to please everyone else….BUT, were they of her?

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