Its been awhile…how ya’ll doin’? I’ve been working on getting my site up, my book launched had working very hard at them. Had huge set backs with the new soft ware that I had implemented on my laptop causing it to crash a few times and leaving me to wonder, how do ‘they‘ do it..and the answer is an aah moment; ‘they‘ have a team an you (meaning me) are doing all of it on your own. Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day, right! Neither is this new project that I’m on. So, I take a deep breath and exhale with the words “you can do it, yes you can” and I pick up from where I left off … phew, living the dream never said that it was easy.

Other news at hand has been my youngest boy’s 10th birthday. A great celebration for him and us since this little fella had quiet the life so far, with hospitals, therapist, doctors etc. But faith, hope, patience, endurance, not giving up and determination just to name a few has made him into a beautiful boy with a  spontaneous personality and a huge heart. Very proud of him.

Those adjectives that I’ve used to describe my son…have been circulating me all of my life…those bloody detours LOL!!!


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