The new way OR ?

Social Media, the new way OR?

Let’s face it I can’t do without my phone to catch up on this and that. Whether it be thru twitter, face book, email, IM, texting well you get the picture. And yes, it has sucked me into it’s vortex hook line and sinker. I say this with a smile because just a mere few years ago I swore up and down that it was something that I wasn’t even remotely interested in nor would I ever get involved with. A few years later and I’m in it like a dirty shirt. I laugh out loud only because of the irony, it’s the last thing I look at before I go to sleep and the first thing I look at in the morning. This before I even make human contact. That sounds so wrong on all levels but I’m in love 💕 good or bad I know it’s something I can’t do with out.

What’s so fascinating about it is it’s instant gratification it’s overwhelming information to the ‘what ifs’ and if you need translation or a receipt on any question the Google machine (or whatever current server you’re using)is right at your finger tips. I just booked a flight recently to LA online got my seat confirmed all by a click of a push button. Yay me right? My kids and their friends think of me as the ‘cool’ mom…like whateva,lol!

Social media has positive attributes but it also comes with a negative side. Depending on which platform it’s used can breed hysteria, hate, jealousy, and in some cases threats toward the author. Fans get fanatical over their idol and sometimes friendships can be destroyed and heartfelt breakups are made as well.
Whatever happened to conversation picking up the phone and speaking to someone or picking up pen to paper and writing a note or sending a ‘thinking about you’ card to someone. Our children of today and their predecessors will loose the ability to handwrite something and in some cases not know how to signature for something.
As I said previously, I’m in love with my devices; admit tingly, yes I have a few BUT boy am I grateful also for having the exposure and experience to actually using the other means if communication i.e talking face to face with someone using a pen to handwrite something and at the very least picking up a telephone and actually speaking with someone!

As I rant on I’m sure I only covered a drop in the bucket but put it out there anyway. What better way to reach out to people world wide than thru social media, right?

It’s the new way OR___?

Be you bebe

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