My CC journey…as it humbly unfolds!

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As I learn the lesson an appreciate that in order to find beauty in rainbows I need to edure the rain. I’m also happy to see aggressive chemo be gone! The End…hope to never see you again.

As much as you helped me get better you were a dominant presence, you literally blew the hair right off my head and messed with my mind and body to unbelievable proportions. You were a constant reminder on those dreadful days that you were in charge. Like today when I had a Grey’s Anatomy moment when you wound up my heart and accelerated it while squeezing my chest wall causing me to be out of breath…for a split second I thought if this is what it feels like when you’re dying? The oxyen settled things down and I’m here to tell the tale. Now I’m not a superticious person but I was given suite 13 and been Friday and all….I must add that at that moment you were worse  than giving birth and I’ve had three or a root canal of which I’ve had two in my lifetime.

So. I’m not sad to see you go. Bon Voyage timely “friend” you were in my life for a reason and a season. I move on and forward. An experience never to be forgotten a time edged firmly in my brain.

Welcome to the next step. I will embrace you with every fibre of my being.

#cancerbedamned #IBelieve



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